On this lovely, cloudy afternoon I decided to give you my favorite Bridesmaid Gifts. My favorites range from inexpensive to over the top with many in between. What are your favorite Bridesmaids gifts?


Skin Care and Hair Care Products


Utah Wedding Dress - Bridesmaid Gifts


Bridesmaid Clutches 


Utah Wedding Dress- Gifts for Bridesmaids


Knot Friendship Ring 


Utah Wedding Dresses - Bridesmaid Gifts- Jewelry


Hand Painted Mugs 


Utah Wedding Dresses - Bridesmaid Gifts - Home Goods


Funny Hanky 


Utah Wedding Dresses - Funny Bridesmaid Gifts




Utah Wedding Dresses - Bridesmaid Gifts - Special Fragrances


Puzzle Piece Monogram Necklace 


Utah Wedding Dresses - Jewelry - Bridesmaid Gifts - Puzzle Pieces




Utah Wedding Dresses - Bridesmaid Gifts - Clothing


Kate Spate – Bridesmaid Idiom Bangle


Utah Wedding Dresses - Kate Spade Bridesmaid Gifts


Personalized Hangers 


Utah Wedding dresses - Bridesmaid Gifts - Personalized Hangers

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    1. by Tiera

      Who designed the gowns modeled by Jacque & Mari?

      • by Lenni

        Tiera, we’d be happy to help you find out the answer to your question. Can you be more specific about the gowns you are referencing?

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