About Us

You know when you’re not looking for something, but then you’re blindsided by it – and then love it? Well, that about sums up how we got into this business. No Cinderella story, just happenstance and intuition that led us down the path to something we love, truly love. We highly recommend that path.

Our Staff

It is no secret that Alta Moda has the best staff around. Insightful, witty, and attentive, each consultant has been chosenĀ (or, with fingers crossed, recruited) because they see the true joy in working with brides. Alta Moda thrives on their dedication, passion, frequent sarcasm, and inherent creativity.

With an uncanny devotion to their clients, mixed with a good sense of humor, it is not uncommon for a client to effortlessly turn into a friend …or, as it were, a co-worker.


Our Tiffany

Alta Moda Bridal, Salt Lake City, Utah - Manager Tiffany
What we love about Tiffany: She drives fast and likes loud music, cracks jokes like it’s second nature, she’s patient and freaky focused, enjoys good food and excess glitter…though not always at the same time.


Our Melodie

Alta Moda Bridal consultant Melodie - Salt Lake City, Utah
What we love about Melodie: She’s a natural teacher who is sweeter than the sweetest sugar, wears her heart on her sleeves and lots and lots of pink, she loves flirty dresses, good cheese, and furry animals.


Our Rachel

Alta Moda Bridal consultant Rachel
What we love about Rachel: She lights up when telling or hearing a good story, when you meet her, you instantly want to be her friend, she’s humble and witty, and has strong sense of style and self.


Our Hailey

Utah Bridal Shop consultant
What we love about Hailey: She’s as glamorous as she is tall, has an old soul that’s filled with youthful energy, she’s stead-fast and endearing, loves fashion and technology, and is acing her education.


Our Lenni

Alta Moda Bridal, Salt Lake City, Utah Lenni
What we love about Lenni: She has a laugh to end all laughs, loves big words, good grammar and fine stationery, she makes tech-geek fashionable, enjoys the craziest range of music, and is a yoga buff.


Our Liz

Alta Moda Bridal consultant Liz
What we love about Liz: She has a personal style that’s as charming as her personality, she’s kind and warm, with a playful streak, she loves weddings, and lights up when talking about her dog.

The Owners

Alta Moda is owned and operated by Hilary and Justin, a happily married couple and perpetual newlyweds. High school sweethearts and natives of Utah, H & J love being a part of the community, love their job, love animals, and love to travel. Always up for an adventure, they never wait too long before embracing new ideas.

Hilary & Justin - Alta Moda Bridal
Their second retail adventure is Lily & Iris …check it out.


Our Past, Present, and Future

We’ve been around since late 2005, and were formed around the ideas of unique style, personal service, and couture fascination.

We have joyously grown into Utah’s largest and best (but, you know, we’re biased) designer bridal selection. We’ve worked hard to always provide service that goes beyond the gown and to do our best to really get to know each bride.

Our collections have changed and evolved as brides and their weddings have become more and more personal.

Here’s to the future. Cheers to your wedding!